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Chogey Checklist: #72 Hate All Former Chogeys that Become TOO Successful April 30, 2007

Posted by pointyhead in chogey checklist, humor, life of a chogey.

Chogeys love to hear stories about their comrades breaking away and “sticking it to The Man.” Every chogey dreams of the possibility of turning their million dollar ideas (which all chogeys have) into their ticket out of Chogeydom.

The Dot.Com years provide countless legends of suspected chogeys having bags of VC money thrown at them with little thought given to long-term viability. The truth is, very few ACTUAL chogeys benefited from the Dot.Com craze…or its recent second cousin: Web 2.0.

A real chogey may draw hope and inspiration from the likes of Google, Digg.com, Napster, and MySpace…but actually hate those t-shirted, smirking CEOs who were able to break out of Chogeydom forever. Common reasons provided by active chogeys are:

  • “That idea is not so great.”
  • “I could have done that.”
  • “It’s all a bunch of hype!”

Chogeys of the world, what idea did YOU have first…but failed to get off the ground?


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