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Sevens Days of Chogeydom April 30, 2007

Posted by pointyhead in humor, life of a chogey.

For many, the realization of being a Chogey comes in a blinding flash of insight. It is common for this epiphany to occur at 4am in front of a color laser printer, praying to the God of the Cyan Toner cartridge to allow ONE MORE “deck” to be printed. As devout Chogeys soon realize, the Gods of Toner (Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow especially) are cruel and often answer these prayers with paper jams or the divine introduction of typos. It is at this point that many first realize they are chogeys.

For those of you still unsure (or in denial), CU will describe the Seven Days of Chogeydom–how Chogeys view each day of the week. Up First: Monday–the Chogey Day of Mourning.


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