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Tuesdays: The Workweek’s Evil Treadmill May 1, 2007

Posted by pointyhead in humor, life of a chogey, work sucks.

What is Tuesday like for a Chogey? The best explanation for this requires a little thought experiment. Imagine yourself held captive in a dark, musty dungeon. The only illumination in your cell is provided by a buzzing, flickering fluorescent lamp missing one of its support chains. Despite the complete lack of fresh air, the lamp miraculously sways…casting eerie snapshots of the room’s sole object—a treadmill.

As part of some demented psychological torture, your captors require you to stay on the treadmill for at least 8 hours a day. Sometimes you have to walk. Sometimes you have to run. Sometimes you stand still. There is no discernible pattern or reason…but you must remain on the treadmill to receive your daily gruel. Refusing to do so only lands you in another cell, on another treadmill—both just as bad as the last one.

Now, imagine that you have been on the treadmill JUST long enough for the wonderful afterglow of freedom to have faded…but not nearly long enough for the second wind that comes from knowing the end is near. That’s what a Tuesday feels like to a Chogey.


1. lep - May 1, 2007

If you find this more depressing than funny, does that mean you are a Chogey?

2. pointyhead - May 1, 2007


There’s nothing funny about Tuesdays…

…and the answer to your question is “yes”.


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