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The Not-So-Great Escape May 2, 2007

Posted by pointyhead in contest, humor, pictures, work sucks.

Create the funniest ending to this caption and win an overpriced t-shirt!

“Much to Tom’s chagrin, his escape was thwarted when he tunneled into…”

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1. Matt - May 2, 2007

his manager’s office.

2. pointyhead - May 2, 2007


Nice! As ONLY contestent at this point, you are currently in first place.

If no one else posts a comment before 7am Thursday (EST), you will be the proud winner of an overpriced Chogey United t-shirt.

Good Luck and thank you for your support!


3. tpat - May 2, 2007

…the building’s sewage system.

… a cube with four walls.

… a tunnel soon to also contain a crosstown subway train.

4. Pointyhead - May 2, 2007


Excellent work! I will consult with my fellow Chogeys, but I believe “a cube with four walls” will take the #1 position.

Matt~this means you have to up your game if you want one of the “prized” Chogey Gear shirts.


5. Dork-King - May 2, 2007

…an alternate reality where workers are herded into cubes, under florescent lights, and forced to stare blankly at computer screens all day.

Little did Tom know, that “alternate reality” was actually Accounting.

6. corporateplayboy - May 2, 2007

…the executive washroom.

7. tigerplug - May 3, 2007

Preparation for the ultimate LazyBoy toilet. Get your “work” done on the job.

8. pointyhead - May 3, 2007


I am always a fan of poop-related humor. Nice work!

9. pointyhead - May 3, 2007

Fellow Chogeys!

Sorry for the delay, but I ran into a 4-hour delay due to paper jams and toner outages.

I believe the winner is Dork-King with his VERBOSE “alternate reality”. Response.

Dork: please send your address to pointyhead@e-monolith.com so that we can get you an overpriced T-Shirt IMMEDIATELY!

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