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Friday: The Weekend’s Pearly Gates May 4, 2007

Posted by pointyhead in humor, life of a chogey, work sucks.

It is common knowledge that Friday is the undisputed best day of the traditional 5-day work week. Conventional wisdom suggests the cause for Friday’s adulation is rather mundane—two days away from the work place. While that is ESSENTIALLY true, I think there is a deeper, more mystical cause for Friday’s “goodness”.

To support this assertion, I spoken with many chogeys that report having experienced NWEs (near weekend experiences) when they wake up on Friday. Regardless of their culture, race, religion (except Evangelical Christians), profession, or level of education; these individuals recount visions of lounging, sleeping in late, poor hygiene, casual sex, and consequence-free alcohol consumption. They describe this as an almost-timeless bliss…where they are free to explore hobbies and personal interests! While scientists contend this may be stress-induced hallucinations, I like to think it’s a “taster” of the afterlife…or, at least, the after-work-life. At the very least, I believe it is proof that a Greater Power exists.

In an effort to avoid derision, ridicule, and physical assault; I’ve never actually uttered the words “Thank God It’s Friday”…or “TGIF” if you’re into the whole brevity thing. But deep in my soul I suspect that Friday’s are the gateway to an existence The Big Kahuna intended for us. They lead to a time of true free-will and happiness…however brief it may seem. Perhaps it is God’s way of bringing us all together in joyous, unshaven unity in an effort to forget our petty differences, our Evil Oppressors, and the depressing reality of our work-week lives.

I believe that Friday—and the promise it holds beyond its threshold—is the ONLY thing that could bring atheists, pastafarians, Christians (except Fundamentalists), Buddhists, Catholics, Jews, and all the other made-up fake religions together in unison to give God (the REAL one) mad props. It’s this mystical unification that has earned Friday its title of “The Weekend’s Pearly Gates”.


1. Laurie Kendrick - May 4, 2007

Exactly, Friday’s are why we have five day work weeks.



2. pointyhead - May 4, 2007


Thank you for your comment and congratulations on being the first Chogey Chick to have posted!


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