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Avoid this Sign Post on YOUR road to Career Progression? May 8, 2007

Posted by pointyhead in humor, pictures, signs you are a chogey, work sucks.

On the road of career progression, many chogeys mistakingly take the exit to “Loserville”. Be extremely careful if you find yourself surrounded by those eager to make copies, fetch coffee, wear undersized shirts, and voluntarily explore comb-over options; as these are signs you have entered “Loserville”.

While the Path of the Chogey inevitably leads to such career backwater locales as Loserville, exercise the same caution you would in the Deep South. Stop long enough the refuel, never travel in teams of less than two, and NEVER ask for directions from the locals.
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1. Nathan Hensley - April 18, 2008

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Hotel Aurora

2. AdabsBarosabviope - December 30, 2008

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