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Call to Arms: The Revolution Needs You! May 9, 2007

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If you hate your job and believe you are over-educated and underappreciated…you’re in the right place! Chogeys United needs you! While Chogey6 and I are dedicated to providing the foundation for the Chogey Revolution…we’ve vastly underestimated the effort required to provide the quality content YOU deserve.

Sure, we could try harder…spend a little more time to actually create compelling content to build a community…but we’ve decided to label that “Plan B”…and explore options that provide more opportunities for front line reports from chogeys in the field.

What does that mean to you? The short answer is: fame, recognition, and the adoration of chogeys worldwide for years to come. Our selection criteria are few and flexible. If you’ve happened upon this site…you’ve already passed the toughest test. From this point, you just need to raise your hand, step up to the challenge…and glory is yours for the taking.

Stake out your claim in Chogeydom by becoming an official contributor. If you pass our exhaustive screening process, you’ll get a KICK ASS t-shirt…oh, and all that glory stuff I mentioned earlier.

Apply HERE…or become a thumb-sucking inhabitant of Loserville!


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