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Thinking Blog Award: Kudos or Cause for Concern June 18, 2007

Posted by pointyhead in Uncategorized.

Last week (or the week before…it’s difficult to pinpoint the actual date as the Chogey timeline is typically a blur of mind-numbing days interspersed by moments of pure hell), Chogeys United was broadsided by something completely unexpected—an award. While the details are still a bit sketchy, and the use of mind altering chemicals has not yet been completely ruled-out, The Ominous Comma included CU bestowed the “Thinking Blog” award to CU and a few other “worthy” blogs (listed below)

Scrambled Toast
It Came from Allen’s Brain
Mattress Police
Life in M-Town

The elation of being awarded ANYTHING, much less something that included the word “thinking”, was soon replaced by suspicion and then outright paranoia. Don’t get me wrong, we at CU are certainly proud of our cynical, infrequent, and often infantile posts. Our charter to create a place for all disgruntled and disenfranchised employees worldwide is noble. The suspicion resulting from kudos is from the knowledge that the execution of our charter is lackluster…at best.

I took some time to review the other blogs receiving the award…and was humbled. Each site had a different flavor, but they all shared a common theme of well-constructed, mature (not is a dirty way), and often insightful posts. In contrast, Chogeys United’s content is defined by putting forth the least amount of effort and thought required to avoid plagiarism and get a chuckle from curious onlookers.

That being said, we appreciate the award!


1. brad shorr - June 18, 2007

Take heart. Awards mean little. Mediocrity is its own reward. At any rate that’s the idea we desperately cling to here at Scrambled Toast.

2. diesel - May 26, 2008

What? I got one? I need to go check this out.

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