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How to “Engage” with Tediously Boring People – Part I June 3, 2014

Posted by pointyhead in humor.

How to be a Good Listener

In any given day, I typically find myself bored or irritated by roughly 100% of the people with whom I come into contact. While I’ve been unable to effectively master the body language to feign interest, I’ve done the next best thing: created a series of cards that I hand out to “handle” these situations. The first in this series is the “What is Coming out of Your Word Hole is Interesting” card. So far, it’s working like a charm. More in this series to follow.

Please share your coping mechanisms!


1. pointyhead - June 3, 2014

Another technique I’ve found useful (although it doesn’t translate well to a card) is imagining the Muppet song “Menah-Menah” until the target’s mouth stops moving…

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