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How to Escape Aimless, Meandering Diatribes (Prototype) June 4, 2014

Posted by pointyhead in humor, People Suck.
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The Counter-Diatribe Card

As part of the ongoing series of how to engage with the tediously boring, I propose the “Counter-Diatribe Card” (it’s a working title, of course). I’ve done some preliminary alpha testing, with excellent results.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


1. netspazz - June 4, 2014

I find “fingers in ears, loudly vocalizing: ‘La La La – Can’t Hear You'” is an effective solution.

pointyhead - June 4, 2014

I like that approach, but it’s too much work for me. Handing a card is both easier and leaves them with a physical reminder of the incident. đŸ™‚

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