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Why Projects Fail June 4, 2014

Posted by pointyhead in humor, People Suck.

While this clip is accurate in suggesting that projects fail because of “involved management”, I think the focus (however hilarious) was too narrow. I rarely paint with a broad brush, but it’s been my experience that projects fail because of one thing: people. True, managers (barely) fall within the super-set of “people”; but I propose that managers are merely the catalyst that activates the inherent laziness of people and harnesses the collective stupidity of the team.

If you’re reading this, you’ve either led a project to failure, or were a passenger on a project on a collision course with epic, catastrophic failure.

Having survived, what characteristics have YOU found to be common in failed projects (besides people, of course…I called dibs on that one.)


1. Anonymous - June 4, 2014

I am happy to see you have once again emerged from the ashes of the world of work. this is a great outlet for all!

pointyhead - June 4, 2014

The world DID need another blog. I was only too happy to oblige. 🙂

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