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Chogeyboy Goes Coed! May 9, 2007

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Since my company forced me to take harassment training (which really I am happy about because now I know how to be a better harasser), I think we should take a moment to recognize the other half of chogeyboy. I will not go so far as to call it chogeygirl, because that would not be in the spirit of CB and just plain stupid. But, I do fully recognize that women possess the talents to be full on members of Chogeyboy. And this photo goes a long way toward saying it better than I ever could.


Rules of Chogeyness #254: Wearing a tux to work automatically makes you a chogey. May 2, 2007

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It is obvious the subject (and photographer) of this photo has reached an advanced stage of chogeyness. Note his expression and the cut of his shirt. Pure chogeyness.

Original link to “Work Sucks.”

Spotting Chogey’s in the Hall of Mediocrity and Disgruntlement May 2, 2007

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As a proud founder of the Chogey concept, I enjoy teaching my younglings how to spot and then mock chogeys in the environment. Today, I took my paduwan into what is known as the Hall of Mediocrity and Disgruntlement. For those of you who have never consulted for the government, you will not know of what I speak, but I am sure you will soon recognize your own local version of said locale.

Setting: Crystal City. Just south of the Pentagon there is a complex of government buildings in the center of which is a “mall” if you could call it that. There are 8 food shops, all selling the same food, with the same poor quality. At lunch, this becomes a beacon for chogeys, as they eagerly gather to tell tales of how the day is progressing and break bread consisting of an overpriced sandwich, chips and a coke.

Let us pull in for a closer look.

The first thing you notice is the demographics. 90% men. With 90% of those white. An immediate clue that we might be operating in a land a chogeys. This may seem racist, but I am white, and can recognize my own, so for those of you put off by my candor, go up to your favorites and punch in your favorite Hello Kitty link and have fun. For those of you still with me, you are soon going to learn, that this is how I roll.

So, here we are with a large collection of white men. Next is their clothing. Suits that do not fit. Or worse. Short sleeve button up shirts with a tie. When you see this attire on a man, you can immediately brand him a chogey. Think about it, who wears that? IT guys, supermarket managers, government workers whose best days have long since past.

But the true mark of a chogey comes out in words. Let’s walk by the lunch tables and listen to what we hear….

“I gave it to him for his guidance two weeks ago, and he still hasn’t gotten back….” Guidance = his “Opinion” and obviously the guy who is going to provide the ultimate decision. The chogey boy is betrayed by not only his lowly position that he must go get “guidance”, but also by the fact he has to wait two weeks for it.

“I had that same idea 4 months ago, but John brings it up in staff meeting and gets the credit and the project and promotion.” Again, the chogey is revealed by his sour grape nature and his lack of balls, that held him back from not only talking about an idea, but actually doing something.

“What this place needs……” Any statement about culture, climate, or general atmosphere in the workplace denotes a chogey. You are in no position to change it, (so you think) so you bitch. And, again, in classic chogey fashion, your victim mentality betrays your true nature.

So my younglings, you should by now be able to begin your quest to locate chogeys. White men, poorly dressed, bitching and complaining. Good hunting.

Chogeys in the Field: Possible Rallying Point May 1, 2007

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This can only be the work of a chogey cell operating in the retail food industry.