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The Billion Dollar Button (that Doesn’t Exist…Yet) August 6, 2014

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unsendInterested in sending scathing, profanity-rich emails without fear of reprisal?

Have you woken up “the morning after” and wish to eradicate all evidence of drunk-emailing?

Have you experienced the flop sweats associated with realizing (a second too late) you hit “reply all”?

If so, the UN-Send button is for you! With a single press of the UN-Send button, wield God-like powers to eliminate ALL traces of any email sent.

Standby for what is bound to be the most successful Kickstarter campaign in history!

Venn Diagram: Every Choice in Life July 29, 2014

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If “Work” Hired a PR Firm: Ad #1 July 28, 2014

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work-funding the trip

Missile Command: An Autobigraphical Depiction of My Life July 28, 2014

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Missile Command-My Life

The ONLY Way to Start a Monday July 21, 2014

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Truth in Marketing: Any IT Services Provider July 15, 2014

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pay us to blame us

Translated: Every IT Business Pitch Ever. July 10, 2014

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Mornings + People = Suck July 9, 2014

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Consulting: Simplified June 17, 2014

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Consulting: Simplified

Venn Diagram of Almost EVERY Coversation June 16, 2014

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Venn Diagram of Almost EVERY Conversation

How to “Graciously” Accept Criticism June 5, 2014

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Working in a profession that often requires me to build consensus on what are universally brilliant ideas, I’ve been forced to develop the ability to “graciously” accept criticism and feedback (which is, without exception, wrong). This video clip from the World’s Greatest Band (Tenacious D) served as the inspiration for my entire philosophy of working collaboratively and accepting feedback.

The Unfortunate Results when Marketing and Management make “Creative” Decisions June 5, 2014

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Who wouldn’t want to be “graped” in the mouth.

How to Escape Aimless, Meandering Diatribes (Prototype) June 4, 2014

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The Counter-Diatribe Card

As part of the ongoing series of how to engage with the tediously boring, I propose the “Counter-Diatribe Card” (it’s a working title, of course). I’ve done some preliminary alpha testing, with excellent results.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Why Projects Fail June 4, 2014

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While this clip is accurate in suggesting that projects fail because of “involved management”, I think the focus (however hilarious) was too narrow. I rarely paint with a broad brush, but it’s been my experience that projects fail because of one thing: people. True, managers (barely) fall within the super-set of “people”; but I propose that managers are merely the catalyst that activates the inherent laziness of people and harnesses the collective stupidity of the team.

If you’re reading this, you’ve either led a project to failure, or were a passenger on a project on a collision course with epic, catastrophic failure.

Having survived, what characteristics have YOU found to be common in failed projects (besides people, of course…I called dibs on that one.)

Office Design Tips by Ron Swanson June 3, 2014

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In this short video, Ron Swanson demonstrates many traits that embody true, visionary leadership. What is your favorite?

How to “Engage” with Tediously Boring People – Part I June 3, 2014

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How to be a Good Listener

In any given day, I typically find myself bored or irritated by roughly 100% of the people with whom I come into contact. While I’ve been unable to effectively master the body language to feign interest, I’ve done the next best thing: created a series of cards that I hand out to “handle” these situations. The first in this series is the “What is Coming out of Your Word Hole is Interesting” card. So far, it’s working like a charm. More in this series to follow.

Please share your coping mechanisms!

Jobs Worse Than Yours: The 1-Man Walking Starbucks June 12, 2007

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Source: Webtown

Workplace Role: The “Fogey” June 5, 2007

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The fluorescent lights flicker, tentatively crackling at first, but then sputtering into full brilliance. The gentle humming marks and pale, color-draining light marks the beginning of the day in our office ecosystem.

There is little activity as most of the workplace dwellers are either still asleep, strengthening their bodies in vain preparation for challenging the Alpha, or securing precious caffeine to heighten their senses against ruthless predators.

The workplace is not completely devoid of life, however. A lone inhabitant leisurely plods through the cube mazes with a confidence (or apathy) that has been earned by years of tracking the patterns of smarter, faster, and stronger office dwellers. This hulking beast, clad in too-tight shirts, polyester pants, and clip-on ties, is the “Fogey”.

The “Fogey” is an interesting chogey sub-class and an enigma to science. By all measurable traits, the “Fogey” is the easiest prey in the office. They are typically overweight, plodding, and frequently announce their position with hacks, snorts, and other sundry expulsions. And yet, the “Fogey” is defined by their age and tenure in the office. There are two prevailing theories as to the survivability of the “Fogey”.

The Tainted Mojo Theory: This theory states that the office predators (especially the “Evil Oppressors”) avoid the “Fogey” out of fear that its taint of failure and mediocrity will somehow be transferred to them if they come into contact. Evil Oppressors typically use lower-ranking members of its pack (i.e. middle management) to isolate “Fogeys” through assigning menial tasks that preclude any interaction with others. This theory also explains the origin of Accounting/Finance. This theory is the most widely accepted…with the only opposition coming from those in Accounting/Finance.

The No-Mercy Theory: Another popular theory is that office predators consider taking down a “Fogey” as an act of mercy. While not as popular as the Tainted Mojo Theory, this theory has some compelling supporting evidence. First, it is universally accepted that office predators (especially Evil Oppressors) are not only completely devoid of mercy, but often go to great lengths in tormenting their prey over an extended period of time. Further, the “Fogey”‘s torment is usually spread out over years and by several predators. This theory suggests that the “Fogey” torment is almost an heirloom or birthright passed down several generations of Evil Oppressors. This theory is certainly worthy of more study.

While research into the survivability of the “Fogey” is making progress, little is known about the early lives of “Fogeys”. It is known that “Fogeys” evolve from another chogey sub-class…but no one has been able to map this evolution with any accuracy. Until more is know, ALL chogeys must be vigilant against getting on the road to fogeydom.

Workplace Role: The “Bogey” May 27, 2007

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The modern day office is a complex ecosystem that is home to both prey and predator. Management struts with impunity through the Cubicle Plains with few threats…while Chogeys cower and group together in a desperate attempt to keep their ilk sheltered from the frequent attacks against their ranks. Much like the mercats of the African Serengeti, Chogeys have specialized in order to ensure the long term survivability of the breed. The first Chogey sub-class we will explore is the “Bogey”.

Description: The primary role of the “Bogey” is to distract management attention away from the activities of the pack. While the root causes elude scientists, Bogeys typically receive immediate attention by Predatorial Management upon introduction to the environment. Common characteristics include an inability to use PowerPoint effectively, fix “PC LOAD LETTER” errors, or remember the difference between Venti Skim Machiatos and Double-Shot Grande Lattes.

Regardless of the source of their problems, the bumblings of Bogeys allow other Chogeys to focus on their work within the community. The lifespan of a Bogey is comparatively brief…but their sacrifice is crucial for the survival of The Pack.

Essential Friday Gear: Beer Goggles May 25, 2007

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This guy has taken Beer Goggles from “concept” to “reality”. I’m thinking Nobel Prize…