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Venn Diagram of Almost EVERY Coversation June 16, 2014

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Venn Diagram of Almost EVERY Conversation

How to “Graciously” Accept Criticism June 5, 2014

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Working in a profession that often requires me to build consensus on what are universally brilliant ideas, I’ve been forced to develop the ability to “graciously” accept criticism and feedback (which is, without exception, wrong). This video clip from the World’s Greatest Band (Tenacious D) served as the inspiration for my entire philosophy of working collaboratively and accepting feedback.

How to Escape Aimless, Meandering Diatribes (Prototype) June 4, 2014

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The Counter-Diatribe Card

As part of the ongoing series of how to engage with the tediously boring, I propose the “Counter-Diatribe Card” (it’s a working title, of course). I’ve done some preliminary alpha testing, with excellent results.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Why Projects Fail June 4, 2014

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While this clip is accurate in suggesting that projects fail because of “involved management”, I think the focus (however hilarious) was too narrow. I rarely paint with a broad brush, but it’s been my experience that projects fail because of one thing: people. True, managers (barely) fall within the super-set of “people”; but I propose that managers are merely the catalyst that activates the inherent laziness of people and harnesses the collective stupidity of the team.

If you’re reading this, you’ve either led a project to failure, or were a passenger on a project on a collision course with epic, catastrophic failure.

Having survived, what characteristics have YOU found to be common in failed projects (besides people, of course…I called dibs on that one.)