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Workplace Role: The “Bogey” May 27, 2007

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The modern day office is a complex ecosystem that is home to both prey and predator. Management struts with impunity through the Cubicle Plains with few threats…while Chogeys cower and group together in a desperate attempt to keep their ilk sheltered from the frequent attacks against their ranks. Much like the mercats of the African Serengeti, Chogeys have specialized in order to ensure the long term survivability of the breed. The first Chogey sub-class we will explore is the “Bogey”.

Description: The primary role of the “Bogey” is to distract management attention away from the activities of the pack. While the root causes elude scientists, Bogeys typically receive immediate attention by Predatorial Management upon introduction to the environment. Common characteristics include an inability to use PowerPoint effectively, fix “PC LOAD LETTER” errors, or remember the difference between Venti Skim Machiatos and Double-Shot Grande Lattes.

Regardless of the source of their problems, the bumblings of Bogeys allow other Chogeys to focus on their work within the community. The lifespan of a Bogey is comparatively brief…but their sacrifice is crucial for the survival of The Pack.

Pardon the Interruption May 22, 2007

Posted by pointyhead in life of a chogey, Rules of Chogeyness, work sucks.
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Chogeys of the World (and curious onlookers), we here at Chogeys United would like to take a moment to apologize for the brief disruption in content you’ve experienced (or not) over the past few days. While it would be nice to blame the delay on technical difficulties or managing the delicate work-life balance…the truth is much more mundane and typical of a true chogey. We simply underestimated the effort required to generate meaningful, well-written content that ANYONE would find interesting.

It would be easy (and probably accurate) to attribute this to simple laziness…but a real chogey is never content with placing blame inwardly. Laziness and a complete lack of follow-through are not simply character flaws, but rather symptoms of a disease spread by crappy jobs, idiot bosses, and days filled with performing inane tasks.

Unfortunately, this disease has received virtually no attention from the established medical community. While the cure remains elusive, many chogeys report temporary relief by engaging in group therapy (i.e. happy hours), subtle workplace subversion (i.e. gossip), and avoiding any activity that is even remotely productive.

We here at CU will try our hardest to not let this affliction get the best of us. While the quality and frequency of our posts may be sub-par when compared to sites featuring cute animal pictures (link)…please keep in mind we’re fighting a much nobler battle. =o)

Rules of Chogeyness #254: Wearing a tux to work automatically makes you a chogey. May 2, 2007

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It is obvious the subject (and photographer) of this photo has reached an advanced stage of chogeyness. Note his expression and the cut of his shirt. Pure chogeyness.

Original link to “Work Sucks.”